According to Proactiv Solutions website, the products come with a 60 day money back guarantee.  This means that customers have 60 days to try the products. Does Proactive work? The website claims that if you are not happy with your results you can return the items back for a complete refund, minus shipping and handling.  The website also claims that it may take a couple of billing cycles from when the return was made before you see a credit to your account.  Some users have stated they received their money back with no problems.  On the other hand, there are a large group of people claiming the money back guarantee is just another headache.

It is interesting to see a large group of users say they had a hard time getting their money back.  Proactiv makes it seem fairly simple by offering a customer service number and even a return address to ship your returns to.  Yet, many consumers claim they had other issues that made their return more of a hassle.  Some claim they were unable to obtain a refund since they demanded to be canceled from the subscription.  Some feel there is an error or discrepancy in their billing matrix since some users claim to be charged for more than one month’s supply during their trial period.

Some wonder if the money back guarantee only applies to the 60 day rule.  Multiple users have reported sending supplies back when they cancel their subscription.  Then they say they were told by customer service that the return doesn’t qualify for a refund.  The icing on the cake comes when users say they receive an invoice from Proactiv marked delinquent.  When customers go to follow up, the company would say their system shows the return was received but they are not entitled to a refund.

Another issue many people have come across includes television offers.  On television they claim you get a refund if you’re not satisfied.  But here’s the confusing part: many claim to order when participating in an offer based on an infomercial, but don’t realize they are agreeing to a 90 day subscription period.  Supposedly, consumers say you need to cancel within 30 days to prevent additional credit card charges but most people in the beginning just want to try the product.  Many have found it shameful the company makes you commit to something you only want to try out.  But on the other hand, many consumers need to be aware of what they are agreeing to.

Since many have had issues in trying to get their money back, this has led to a high number of consumers saying the company is a scam.  On another perspective, many claim they are unaware of the subscription aspect behind the product.  There have been claims of the next month’s shipment being received before their card is charge.  By the time they send the items back, there card is charged, and in some cases for more than the value of the shipment they just received.